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So you want more traffic to your website. There are many ways you can attract more visitors to your blog. Here in this article, I will teach you 15 amazing ways to promote your blog for free.
Before we begin let me remind you something. These tactics can’t bring you massive traffic by overnight.
All you have to do is to work hard by sticking to one of these methods and promote your blog for consistently.
So let’s get started…
promote your blog for free
There is something common among bloggers and YouTubers is consistency.
You can’t expect success in blogging until you follow to a strict blogging routine.
Make a blogging routine and produce content accordingly. Consistency is the key because a user can expect some content exactly whenever you publish it.
By publishing blog post regularly will improve your search engine rankings.
Consistency simply means that you have to produce content regularly and it should be relevant.
Consistency does not directly relate to rankings. But you are providing content to the user for a regular time.
This can improve the user experience of the website. And UX experience is one of the major factors of ranking according to Google Rankbrain.

2. SEO your blog for maximum exposure

12 Proven Ways To Promote Your Blog For Free - IFB 1
Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to gain more traffic from search engines.
Optimising the blog for SEO can able to bring traffic to your blog regularly and for a long time.
There are 2 types of SEO one can implement on any website.
Those are
  1. On page optimization
  1. Off-page optimization
Lets coming to the term on page optimization. These are the tactics one must implement on directly to the pages on a website.
How to optimize for on page?
There is something you have to focus on on-page optimization.
Those are
  1. Adding keywords in the title
  2. Put keyword on the URL
  3. Create short URLs
  4. Optimise your meta description by adding relevant keywords
  5. Write the blog post of at least 1000 words
  6. Include the main keywords once in while of 300 words
  7. Add images to the article
  8. Put ALT tags on images with keywords
  9. Add the main keyword in the first paragraph
  10. Link to the authority website
Now let’s check how to optimize for off page.
Off-page optimization is the actions we took apart from our website to improve search engine rankings.
That’s simply means if you are building a link for the website then you are doing off page SEO.
These are the tactics mostly everyone avoids when it comes to SEO. According to the latest report from Google, brand awareness is also the biggest factor for improving a web traffic.
To build a brand you should focus more on creating backlinks. Why would Google rank a website which no one suggests as a good one?
So building links can be a good option when it comes to a website. You can create backlinks by doing simple guest blogging and directory submissions.
To learn more about on page and off page optimization make sure read these articles below.

3. Drive traffic from social media

12 Proven Ways To Promote Your Blog For Free - IFB 2
Social media channels are also the best way to get more referral traffic. If you want more visitors to your blog then social media is the best option. As a blogger, one must utilize social media profiles to drive traffic.
It’s because it is very easy to viral a content on social media. So you don’t want to wait for 3-4 months after implementing SEO. And also you shouldn’t rely on one traffic source. It’s because no one knows when these channels change their algorithm.
So you will be getting consistent traffic even your Google traffic drops due to change in algorithm. And something you have to focus that never try to gain traffic from all these social media channels. It’s because all these platforms are having a different algorithm. 
So try to focus on one more social media platforms and try to gain more authority traffic to your website. Now let’s check the major social media platforms and how to drive traffic to your blog.
Facebook According to the latest reports Facebook is the number one source of referral traffic provider. Here you have to make a page for your blog and share all your blog posts over there. Create specific descriptions for your links. 
Instagram : Ah! Who doesn’t use Instagram? Everyone does right?  Instagram becoming the number one platform for brand exposure and selling products or service online. Create a business account on Instagram and start sharing engaging, detailed, and meaningful images. 
Make use of Instagram hashtags whenever you share an image to Instagram. 
Twitter: Apart from Facebook and Instagram, Twitter also a good platform to share your content online. Building an audience on Twitter means a lot when you are trying to expose your brand. Create a fan page on twitter and share your contents over there.
LinkedInOne of the best platforms when it comes to driving traffic from social media. According to the latest reports from LinkedIn, There are 500 million users are on LinkedIn. And more than LinkedIn is a place in which you can share content with like-minded people. 
Also driving traffic from LinkedIn can able to directly improve your search traffic. Because LinkedIn is a place to share content in which the audiences are super focused. Create a page on LinkedIn and start share contents. 
And do remember that make your profile super awesome on LinkedIn. Because this platform can able to help you with building a quality audience for your blog. There are more platforms you can share your content online. Make sure you check out this article to know how to drive traffic from all these social media platforms. 

4. Promote your blog using your own blog

What? yes, you heard it right. You can use your own blog to promote your content online. Let’s take an example.
You are getting massive traffic to one of your blog post from any of these channels (Search engine or Social media).  How it will be linking more blog posts on the same which gets lots of traffic.  So you can easily improve your traffic to any other blogs. 
If you are using WordPress there is an option of related posts. Make sure you turned it on because it will show related contents of your blog when someone visits your blog. 

5. Write guest posts

promote your blog for free
Guest blogging is still one of the best ways to gain traffic to your websites. More than it can increase the authority of your blogs. 
Because you will write content for a blog which is already building an audience in your niche. By doing so you are generating a quality Backlink for your blog. 
These backlinks can able to boost your page and domain rank immediately. And by doing so search engines can able to rank your blog. 
Only you have to find famous blogs in your niche to submit your guest blogs. Most of the bloggers will accept your content if it’s providing some values to their readers. 
Neil Patel has written a detailed guide on Guest blogging. Hope this will help you to get started with guest blogging. 

6.Commenting on other blogs in your niche

12 Proven Ways To Promote Your Blog For Free - IFB 3
You started a brand new blog and you want to drive traffic. And you have read about SEO and social media marketing. 
But, What use to your blog if no one knows it exists. There is one way we can grab the attention of the audience in your niche. 
Commenting on other blogs will help you to drive some direct traffic to your blog. I personally do the same for my blogs. 
But I have a special strategy for commenting on other blogs. Always do comment on blogs with some questions and suggestions. So that the readers will check out your blog to know who you are and how experienced you are to talk about the topic. 
And also there is a possibility of getting do follow backlinks by commenting on other blogs. 
I recommend you to make use of CommentLUV plugin for WordPress. This plugin can automatically show your relevant blog posts on the comments.

7. E-mail your subscribers frequently

promote your blog for free
Most of the successful blogger using this approach to share their content with their audience. 
And you can do the same method to attract visitors to your blog. More than that this method will give you returning visitors. 
So how to get started… 
All you have to do is to build an email list of your blog visitors. 
There are plenty of services which provides the email marketing services. 
One of my favorites is Mailchimp. There you have a free trial for a subscriber up to 2000. 
Now how to collect emails. There are many methods you can collect emails. 
One of them is adding a subscription box on your blog. So that users can able to put their email details. 
But to collect emails properly I recommend you to give some freebies to visitors. So the user will be attracted to get the freebie. And by doing so you are collecting their emails. 
After building an email list its time to share your blog posts with those subscribers. To get maximum from your email marketing make sure the emails are attractive and descriptive. 

8. Publish infographics

promote your blog for free
Humans are more comfortable with visuals. That means a picture can able to digest 1000 words. 
Infographics are the best way to visualize your contents online. According to Wikipedia infographics are the visual representation of large descriptive texts. 
These days no one wants to read your lengthy articles. All they want is to gain the knowledge much faster. So create infographics of the topic and publish it on your blog or infographic submission sites. 
So that user can easily abstract the information you provided on your blogs. And also this method will attract the visitors to read your blog post completely. 
Check out this guide of Forbes to know where to submit your info-graphics and build credibility. And don’t forget to add social share icons on the Infographics. 

9. Always refurbish your old blog posts

A good blog post is always updated and relevant. So make sure you are updating your content regularly. 
You created a blog post and you are getting decent traffic to it. Why don’t you link your new articles to the old blog post to increase traffic? 
Old blog posts are perfect for those who are focused on a single niche. So that you can link any articles to any other articles to increase its traffic. 
And these internal links can able to pass link juice with all of your blog posts and to increase authority. 

10. Use Quora to promote your blog

promote your blog for free
Of course, you heard about Quora. And many of you are using to solve your problems. 
Why don’t use the same approach to promote your blog for free? Quora is the best place to find new articles and problems. 
There are plenty of readers coming to quora and asking for help (like me). Here you have to create a profile for your blog and start answering niche based questions. 
When you answer a question make sure it is descriptive and valuable. Quora answers index very fast on Google. 
To drive traffic to your blog using quora make sure provide your blog links on the answers. By doing so quora visitors having a tendency to know more about the solution by reading your blogs. 

11. Drive traffic from Pinterest

promote your blog for free
Most of you may think why we use Pinterest for marketing. And probably you all think Pinterest is a place for sharing recipes, food, and photography. But it is not like that. There are bloggers getting most of their traffic only from  Pinterest.
Pinterest is not a social media it is a search engine. But the difference is that we will image as the primary result and it redirects to a web page.
And it is very easy to build an audience on Pinterest. All you have to do create a business account with  Pinterest and start sharing images with the audience. These images are called Pins. And the category you share the pins is called boards. 
As a fresh user, you must share at least 20-30 images daily. But it’s difficult to share such a number of pins daily, right? There we have Tailwind
An automation service which easily schedules pins for your  Pinterest account. And of course, they are giving a free trial of 100 pins. 
To get most out of Pinterest I recommend you to join the group board available on the Pinterest. To find and join  Pinterest group boards use the website pingroupie.  As I said earlier  Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media platform. So you have to optimize your profile for SEO. 
Add your keywords across your profile. Like in the Pinterest profile, board names, Board description etc. To know more: Pinterest traffic by create and go 

12. Promote your blog on Blogging communities

promote your blog for free
These are the network of bloggers of the same interest who share their contents and helping others to grow in the competitive world. These blogging networks area best fit for those who have a brand new blog. 
All you have to join on these networks and start sharing and engaging with contents. These are some of the best blogging communities existing now.
To know more about these platforms and how to drive traffic from all these read the blog: Passiveblogtips


So these are some of the best ways to drive traffic for free. And do remember one thing. Joining and just sharing contents on all these platforms never give you success in blogging. Focus on 2-3 methods I said above and stick with it. 
Now, I would like to know which method of getting free traffic is missed above. Comment me below and I will add on this blog. 
Thanks for reading my article. I hope you enjoyed it. Before leaving to work on these I have a small request. Make sure subscribe to my blog and never miss an update.

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