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We have nothing left without producing the best content online.  There is no blogger who found their success without building an audience with quality blog posts. 

Bloggers write because they want to give solutions to the readers. Users are coming google because they have to solve their problem.

And according to latest reports from Google that no user has enough time to read your stuff online.

So, you have to create something outstanding. The only thing I learned during my blogging career is that make our reader happy and satisfied.


By going through my blog, you will see all my contents are thorough and well researched. This is because I stick to a plan. I have a well-structured strategy to create my contents.

Article length?

There are newbie bloggers who write lots of article of 300-500 words. But publishing lots of articles will never help to rank your blog.

To do so you have to be creative and write contents which must cover most everything about the topic.

And never get demotivated by seeing a 10000-word article. You still can able to rank your blog using your high-quality blog post even if you have a 2000-word article.

Only a good writer can able to express their ideas in an interesting way. And there is nothing you could do if you do not make writing is a habit.

Write high-quality posts 2-3 times a week will be good enough to rank your blog easily. (So, you must have enough time to research and organize).

Never be afraid of writing. Always think no blogger came perfect. All of them spend years of hard work and dedication to their success. Write everything down, and slowly you will become a quality content creator.

Now let me tell you the secret of producing a high-quality blog post. This is the same method that is used by almost every successful blogger.

1. Know your target audience + keyword research

This is the first step of writing a quality blog post. Here you have to find the audience of your interest. The best way to get some ideas is checking google SERP results.

By observing SERP results you will see which contents ranking for your keyword. Furthermore, you will see who are your target audience.

If you found some target audience it is time to find the proper keyword to rank. There you have to think like your reader.

You know the keyword to rank. But also, it is vital to know your reader. You have to think like a user searching on google.

There are plenty of free and paid tools available for researching keywords. The paid tool like SEMrush works far better than the other ones.

quality blog post with semrush

In their paid plan they are giving features like competitors keywords, keyword difficulty, Details of pages which ranks already, backlink analysis and etc.

Even though free tools can give you some awesome results if you using it well. Check out my guide to free keyword research tools.

Read Now:- Best free keyword research tools.

Some of the tools you can use to find some profitable keywords for your niche are,

You might be wondering that how to find keywords using all these services.

You just put your target keyword and competitor websites on these services. And it will give you perfect keywords for your website.

Using LSI (Latest semantic index) keywords, and long tail keywords will be a good option to gain some organic visitors.  

I recommend you to go through this article if you want to know some secrets of keyword research.

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Let’s get into the 2nd step to creating a quality blog post.

2. Research about your topic – Gathering data

Now you have all your keywords. We have to find some fresh ideas to create the blog post.

[ Stuffing all these keywords into some words can’t able to rank you for more. Keyword stuffing Is a big black hat SEO technique. Google will easily penalize your website.]

You want to write about the topic because you want to share your opinion.

So, research on the topic on the internet. You will find article and infographics by other bloggers.

This will help you to know your competitor’s opinion on the same topic. Now you have to gather all your ideas.

To produce such a quality blog post we need something extraordinary for our website.

You start research about the topic and find something that hasn’t covered any other bloggers.

How you will make a viral content until you know which articles getting viral on social media?

You must use the favorite tool Buzzsumo to find what content sharing most. This website will give you details of social shares, how much days it took to get viral, and even how much backlinks do the websites.

quality blog post


I recommend you to make use of infographics, images, research charts on your blogs.

These will increase your user experience on the blog. And by doing so you will be having a hike in your search traffic.

3. Create an outstanding headline

Headlines are the welcome part of your blog post. There is no one to spend more time to find what to read.

They will just google the keyword. And go through the headlines of all the results. Read those headlines and chose one.

So, if your title is not interesting no one will read your content. It is important to create a title in a creative way.

Many of the bloggers fail only because of their headlines even they are having quality content inside.

So how should I write my headlines?

I have analyzed 100 search results on the keyword online marketing. And I found including brackets and parenthesis on headline work better than the other.

I recommend you to make use of including these on headlines.

  • Add emotions to the headlines
  • Include numbers, brackets
  • Generate curiosity
  • Ask a question

Similarly, it’s not a good practice to write something on the headline and give something else inside. So, tell the truth on the headlines and make it click-worthy.

4. Organize the data in to a blog post

Here you are on the major step to create a quality blog post. You completed your keyword research and wrote a brilliant headline for the post. It is the time to arrange all those data into a blog post.

A blog post is just like a book. It should have preface (or overview), leading to main content and conclusion. Here we will discuss the anatomy of a quality blog post.

quality blog post

Your content should be readable by everyone in the world. You gathered all the information for your article. Now you have to organize the data in a proper format.

While you organize the data into a blog post try to link only with authority websites. This will improve your page rank and so search rankings.

It’s proven that nobody read a lengthy paragraph. Make your paragraphs short. Make it even short if you are getting traffic from mobile devices.

You may be observed that none of my paragraphs are no longer than 6 lines. Make it short and people will read your entire article.

It’s a best practice if you link your new article to the older article. As you must know that internal linking has a vital role in the ranking.

These links can pass link juice to all posts and by doing so you will be having a boost in your organic traffic to all of your pages.

Make it conversational

You are making a conversation with your reader. So, you should keep them satisfied and engaging. As you have read my articles I write my article by including you & I.

These words can make your article in a conversational type. And asking questions or producing anxiety also helps the user keep engaging.

Google wants to show the best results to their users. That’s why Google ranks the website which contains lots of information about the topic.

That’s where the length matters. Probably you searched the term SEO on google.

On the search results, you can see the beginners guide to SEO by MOZ. The same contains everything about SEO to get started.

And also, it’s word count was more than 10000. Don’t just add information to make your article through.

Instead, research on the topic and find more LSI keywords you will find more ideas for the article. And there is the average search result of Google is about 1500 words.

5. Adding a call to action

You can’t get success in blogging if you don’t have an audience. So, building an audience is an important work for a blogger. One of the best ways to build such an audience by using lead generation.

Without having some proper subscribers, you can’t able to increase your traffic.

Adding a call to action will help you to get some fresh leads. Otherwise, they will just hit back and go off.

Call to actions are important in blog posts. Because one of your quality blog posts can able to get you thousands of leads.

You can try below tactics to add CTA’s to the end of the blog posts.

  • Connect social media

At the end of the post request the user to follow the website on social media. So that they will not miss anything from you in the future.

6 Things You Need To Do To Create a Quality Blog Post - IFB 1

  • Give some freebies

Here you are giving something to the user. You can share E-book, Secret tips, Exclusive videos etc. So that you can grab e-mail leads by exchanging something for free.

  • Comment and feedback

Comments are the expressions that the users shared on your blogs. They help a website’s performance by improving its authority.

When a user tells a problem, you can directly solve them specifically. And these all improve a website’s user experience.

  • ClicktoTweet

Twitter is still a perfect place for content sharing. Sharing to Twitter made so easy by Clicktotweet plugin (For WordPress users). There a user can share even a quote from the blog.

6. Proofread your content.

SO finally, completed your work. No! There is something very important is left. And the last step for creating a high-quality blog post is to Proofread your work.

Google loves amazing contents. In addition to making a content perfect is by removing any grammatical errors. Here in proofreading, you are producing the final copy of the blog post.

Now we can discuss some benefits of proofreading your articles.

  • Ensuring the content is readable by everyone
  • Learning to find errors
  • Helps to improve your writing style
  • Also helping to create high-quality contents

Now, how you can proofread your content?

The first step is to proofread is to stop writing. Means you complete your work then Proofread.

Read the entire content slowly after completing writing. And note the grammatical mistakes. Fix all these errors to make your content perfect.

There are also some tools that we can use to proofread your content. One of them is Grammarly.

Which comes with a website and some browser extensions. After integrating the extension, it will notify you all the grammatical errors while you write something.

So, let’s wrap up,

Let's conclude

This is the best strategy that I am using since from I found it’s working. Try to adapt this strategy and produce something far better than others. Before we wind up let me ask you a question.

Have I missed something?

Tell me in the comments. Also, I request you to subscribe to this blog and never miss the latest news in the blogging world.

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