The Ultimate Website Homepage Checklist [9 Elements]

Are you struggling to design your homepage? No more! Here in this article, I will show exactly what elements you have to include on your website homepage. 

Consider a new user coming to your website. And you have a boring non-descriptive homepage to welcome. 

What will be the user do? They will hit the back button and go for another website.

So you don’t want to lose your customer only because of your homepage.

Read this article completely and I am sure you will not lose any future customers due to the homepage. 

Landing Page & Homepage

website homepage

Before we begin let’s get a clear idea about the difference between landing pages and homepages. 

Landing pages are those which have one or more specific call to actions. If you publish a specific page about selling an E-book, etc.

And Homepages are the welcome page of your website. Which contains navigations, call to actions, testimonials, portfolio etc.

So let me reveal the 15 elements which you must consider when you are creating your website homepage. 

1. Benefit- driven headline

Your website homepage must contain a compelling headline to welcome your visitors. 

Headlines are the first impressions of your website. And most of the users take the immediate decision when seeing a headline. 

Here below you will see exactly how to create compelling headlines for our website.

  • Use numbers in headlines
  • Ask a question to the audience
  • Put the keywords first
  • Make a promise with the audience
  • Trigger curiosity

Above all these adding emotions to the headline will work far better. 

2. Logo - Crucial all website homepage

One of the crucial elements you must include on your homepage. How we remember the brands. We see the logos. They are giving us the proper idea about the brand.

When it comes to building the logo, you must consider the following.

  • Identify why you need a log
  • Check out the competitor’s logo
  • Define your brand identity
  • Chose the color scheme (would be better if you use not more than 3 colors)
  • Design the logo
  • Apply on all websites / social media accounts

You can design your logo according to your requirements. You should design your logo as it is the first important element for any brands.

If you are interested I’ll definitely recommend to have a look on the article below which is written by Anna Carter.

Click Here: Logo Design Guide: 7 Tips Moving into 2019

3. Proper Navigation

There are few websites in the world which do not provide any navigation system to the users.

As you read earlier UX-signals play an important role when it comes to rank a website.

So, for improved user experience to the users, you must provide a proper navigation system to the users.

There are two navigation systems which used widely on all websites. Header navigation and Footer navigation.

On header navigation, you can direct the visitors to pages like,

  • About
  • Services
  • Blog
  • Portfolio
  • Contact

And in the footer navigation,

  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy policy
  • Sitemap, etc.

This navigation pattern will be better for those who apply for AdSense. And this is one of the best ways widely using.

4. A call to action – Subscription (Opt-in)

The Ultimate Website Homepage Checklist [9 Elements] 2
How Brian dean designed his homepage

Call to actions is the best way to get some subscribers. Adding a call to action or subscription box will help the readers to get a notification from your website.

Never put a call to action directly on your website homepage. But you can embed a subscription box on other pages you like.

On the homepage add a call to action by giving some freebies. You can provide any of these with your new subscribers. That way they will be happy with your website.

  • E-book
  • Online courses
  • Exclusive videos/posts
  • Invite to webinars
  • Presentations, etc.

5. Blog Posts

website homapage elements

A blog is the best way to get some traffic to your website for free. We can create articles based on our brand and optimize the content for SEO (Search engine optimization).

By doing proper link building and promotion you will get tons of traffic from the majority of search engines. So, do provide your latest blog posts on your website homepage.

Which helps the user to know more about your service and the problems you can solve.

Check out my guide to create a stunning WordPress blog.

The Complete Guide To Start Your WordPress Blog [ Step by Step ]

6. Testimonials

These are the formal statement about your works that told by your clients or friends. This will help your new visitors to get some good impression.

Before adding testimonials on your website homepage take a look about how your testimonials should be?

  • Visually engaging
  • Specific
  • Aligned

Your testimonials are telling your visitors how many previous clients get benefitted from your work.

7. Who you are & Who you help?

You have to tell your customers who you are. Creating a portfolio is the best way to tell your clients about yourself.

Adding these details on the home page will help the user to take a decision about their needs.

Now you have to tell the customers exactly who you help. Here you have to write more about the services you provide.

Create a detailed service page to tell the visitors about how you will be helpful to them.

Now let’s add some short descriptions on the homepage. And there you have to send those visitors into a new page which you created earlier.

In the same section, you can write about the problems you can able to solve. The same will help the visitors to find their solution in a far better way.

8. The benefits of working with you

Here you have to give some offers or you should tell the customers about the benefits of working with you.

You must clearly state what benefit a customer can expect from you.

Let’s take an example.,

If you are running a hosting company. And you are started recently.

The best way to get some users is to provide offers and discounts. right? That means customers get attracted to you because you care for them.

That means users think about getting benefit from your website. And there they will suggest more users for your hosting company.

So, give some freebies or some valuable things to your customers for free. And that will lead you to get more visitors and conversions to your website.

That’s why it is important to add these details on your website homepage.

9. A photo of you

Building a brand is of more importance than ranking a website. According to Rank brain algorithm (Which helps google to rank a page), it’s clearly telling that user experience is the best way to get proper traffic from Google.

And UX signals are directly related to your brand presence.

Consider you have a website which has millions of page views a month. But what use with it if the readers never know who found it.

So, add an image of yourself on your website homepage. You can do it by providing a photo of the who you are section.

This will help the reader to know more about the website and of course about yourself too.


These are the common elements one must consider while creating their website homepage.

There are other elements you can put on your website according to what services you are providing.

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