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Keywords are the fundamental block of any website’s SEO. In this article, We will discuss some of the advanced keyword research strategies that helped me to improve my organic traffic.

You know, everyone uses the same keyword planners for their blogs. And they all use the same steps to find keyword ideas. So how will we stand out in the crowd?

Continue to this article and you will see some strategic plans that can increase your organic traffic within a month.


Types of keywords

You may be heard that use “long tail keywords” in your blog posts. Mostly all of the SEO agencies told you to do so.

Now let’s make it clear. Take an example, Consider you are selling laptops in your area [XYZ ].

If the customers are searching for laptops in your area. They may be searching something like “buying a laptop in XYZ. [it’s more specific than original one].

So we can target this keyword to rank our website in that particular area. This type of keyword that contains three to four phrases are called long tail keywords.

These keywords are very specific and similar to the original keyword. In the above example “Buying a laptop”. 

You can use tools like. 

  • Semrush
  • Answer the public
  • Kwfinder

    To find the long tail keywords. Answer the public and Kwfinder are free. And Semrush is a paid tool for keyword research.

Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is a retrieval and indexing method that uses a mathematical technique called singular value decomposition (SVD) to detect patterns in the relationships among the texts in a webpage.

So as it describes, they are not just a synonym for the primary keywords. They are also similar to the keywords we searched.

So we can use these keywords in our web pages for improved rankings. Now how to find LSI keywords.

We can find these keywords using or from Google’s SERP page. Which are looks like:

lsi keyword research

Actionable Keyword Research Tips

There are millions of websites that give exact information about what you are giving. As a beginner how we will stand out to make an audience. Stick to this article, I am going to give my action plans.


This must be your first priority when you start a keyword research. Consider you are going to write a blog about digital marketing. But your readers need SEO based articles from you.

So we will never rank our website in search engines. But we can apply customers ideas in our blog posts and make them satisfied. 

This way you are making a loyal relationship with your readers. But how we can identify what our readers think. 

In my case, I prefer Quora for this purpose. Log in to Quora and find what peoples asking about your niche.

There are other forums and groups that discuss their problems. Identify their problems and make an article about that. They are asking those questions because they are not satisfied with Google’s answers.

Tip 2: Find Long Tail Keywords using Google

autosuggest keyword research

As I told you above long tail keywords are important to any local business. These are three to four phrase words which are very similar to original keywords. 

We have lots of ways to find long tail keywords. But I suggest you find using Google’s Autosuggest.

The reason behind this, Google is the largest search engine in the world. So they can give us the best results and it takes not more than 1 minute to find a long tail keyword.

Refer the image below to find long tail keywords using Google.

Tip 3: Track your competitor keywords using Adwords

As I discussed earlier Google’s keyword planner is one of the major keyword research tool available in the market. 

Everyone is using AdWords and all they are searching the same trick to get keywords. But we have a separate method to get our keyword ideas. 

Here in the keyword planner, we will search keyword ideas using the tool. There when you search for keyword ideas you will see a box for landing website address.

In that box, we want to insert the web address of that sites which are already ranked On Google. So we will get keywords which are used on that websites. In that way, you can include those keywords with long tail keywords.

Refer the image to find keywords using landing pages:-

adwords keyword research

Tip 4: Use Keyword Golden ratio [ KGR ] –  Pro Keyword research

This is one of the advanced methods I use to rank my blogs within a week. These are the guaranteed method works for any kind of niches.

Long tail keywords are the best way to rank any websites within months. But they are too much of them and mostly they are competitive.

There is one method which we can choose an exact keyword which can rank on Google within a week.

For a proper keyword, KGR must be less than 0.25. Let’s see how to find Keyword golden ratio and how they are helping us for a better keyword research.

KGR = Google search that has the keyword phrases in title/ Total monthly search volume. We can find these search volume using a free Chrome extension called keyword everywhere. 

Which is very useful because they can analyze any of your competitor websites and take extract keywords from them.

To know how to find keyword golden ratio more precisely watch this video below.

Tip 5: Use Wikipedia [Powerful Keyword Research Tool ]
Coming to the next tip we have Wikipedia. One of the most underutilized keyword research tool online. 
Wikipedia has millions of pages in different categories. Once you are in Wikipedia enter your keyword ideas. Here you will see articles that contain your keywords. 
You can choose one of them and find proper keywords using its content. Take those keywords and go to Keyword planner for analyzing search volume and competition. 


Above we discussed some of my all-time favorite keyword research ideas. Use these techniques on your blog and you will see a dramatic change in your organic traffic.

These all are free tools to find proper keywords. Using paid tools like Semrush and Ahref may increase the possibility of rankings. 

Now I would like to know which keyword ideas you will implement on your website? Comment below and share your blogging story.

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