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Have you ever wondered why your blog is not getting organic traffic from Google? Of course, as a beginner blogger, you can’t invest much in promotion and other. Here we will discuss best free keyword research tools.

Before we begin you need to understand that keywords are fundamental to SEO. Without SEO you will not get proper organic traffic from google or any other search engines.

You will have to do proper research about the keyword to understand the search volume and ranking possibilities. By the way, you can understand which keyword will rank faster and which keyword will not.

There are plenty of keyword research tools in the market. Some of them works are paid and some of them are almost free. But do remember “money always talk”. Take keywords from the paid websites if you are able to do so. Tools like Semrushahref and MOZ are far better than these free keyword tools. 

But as a beginner, you must work with these best free keyword research tools. This tools will help you to rank your blog post very fast.

Why Keyword Research Important?

Let’s take an example here. If you are writing a blog post about digital marketing. And you want to rank your blog post with the keyword “digital marketing”. Think what will happen if the keyword already ranked for some other big websites.And they are having lots of backlinks and good domain authority.

Here we need to do proper keyword research about the same keyword. And we will find similar fewer competition keywords for the same topic. So our blog will rank higher for the specific keyword. And eventually, our blog will be on top for all related keywords including “Digital marketing”.

1.Google keyword planner

best Free Keyword Research Tools | Rank fast in Google –

Definitely, you heard about this tool if you are a blogger or a youtuber. This is one of the best free keyword research tools available in the market. 

Using this tool we can understand the search volume and competition of the keyword. And they will provide you millions of related keywords to include in your blog posts. 

To use this tool you must have a G-mail account. Sign-up for the keyword planner using your G-mail. Using this keyword research tool we also can understand about the bid of the keyword. 

If you want to advertise with Google, You must have a knowledge about bid strategy. The bid is the amount google charges for a specific keyword. So we can select a keyword according to the bid amount.

2. Ubersuggest : Best free keyword research tools

Best Free Keyword Research Tools | Rank fast in Google - IFB 1

Coming to the next there is Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest. I personally use this keyword research tool as it helps me to find exact keyword I’m looking for. This tool will help you to find a keyword which is very similar to your keyword.

As the name suggests it gives an average similar keywords and their search volume. 


Best Free Keyword Research Tools | Rank fast in Google - IFB 2

As a YouTuber or blogger, you must try this keyword planner. They provide an entire collection of long tail keywords. These are the keywords which have more than 3 words. 

using this tool you will get very similar keywords for the topic. In their free plan, you will get only keywords. But in their paid plan you will get almost everything about the keyword. This includes search volume, competition, and other serp factors.

4. :Best free keyword research tools

best Free Keyword Research Tools | Rank fast in Google –

How this will be if you are getting SERP ranking website details for a specific keyword? Yeah! this feature is one of the best features according to paid keyword research tools. 

Here you will get similar keywords and the possibility percentage to get ranked for a specific keyword. Also as the best feature, you will get SERP results for the same keyword. 

You can ask the website owners to get a backlink to your article. And this will eventually improve your organic traffic. 

use now:- Go to

5. Google trends

Best Free Keyword Research Tools | Rank fast in Google - IFB 3

Most of you are already using this tool to know what is trending now. But using this tool you can understand exactly how much peoples searching the keyword even on hourly basis. 

Also, you can compare two keywords and find one which is searched most. 


best Free Keyword Research Tools | Rank fast in Google –

Before you are going to use this tool you have to know what is LSI keywords. LSI is the acronym to latest semantic index. These are keywords which peoples usually search on google. 

Which we can find the bottom of the Google. Here we will get more 20 LSI keywords at a given keyword. In google serp, they list not more than 7 keywords.

7. Answer the Public

best free keyword research tools

This is one of the best free keyword research tools. Here you will get keywords beginning with where, which, what and many more.

They list more than 50 keywords for a given keyword. We can select the keywords which we want to use in our blog posts. 

Using this tool you will get keywords which are very relevant to the main keyword.

Start using now:- Answer the public


These are the best free keyword research tools currently available in the market. Use this tools and find a proper keyword to rank. 

Once again I remember you to go for paid plans to get deeper analysis for a given keyword.

I hope you got some tools for your keyword research. If so comment below and share the article with your friends. Thanks for reading this article.

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