Advanced SEO Techniques To Rank Higher In Google [ Checklist]

In this post, I am going to reveal some advanced SEO strategies to improve your organic traffic for free. 

Beginner to  SEO. Read my Beginners’s Guide to SEO

Before we begin let me ask you a question. If you are reading this blog means you want to rank higher on google.

But have you ever think that your blog is structured enough to get massive traffic from Google?

I started blogging just 2 years ago. Here in this post I am gonna teach you some advanced SEO strategies or techniques that I have learned since when I started blogging.

You keep relaxed when you publish a new blog post on your blog. Many of you write a blog post after days of hard work in keyword research and content optimization. 

But publishing a blog post is just the beginning of your work. After publishing a content on your blog you have to focus more on content promotion and link building.

I have written a detailed blog post on free SEO tools that you can use to optimize your content. Read now,

advanced seo techniques

Is there any value to keeping outdated pages in our blog. Zombie pages are such pages that do not provide any value to the search user.

Check out the below list to identify Zombie pages.

  1. Outdates pages
  2. Category and tag pages
  3. Pages with thin content [ Less than 300 words in a page ]
  4. Pages with duplicate content

Delete these pages or add a no-index tag to all these pages. By doing so Google can index few of your pages and can able to rank higher positions.

If you are having fewer pages in your blog and you must have lesser problems with your blog.

2. Boost your organic click through rate

advanced seo techniques

CTR is a major ranking factor according to Rank brain algorithm released in 2015. Consider you are ranking on number 3rd in Google’s SERP for a given keyword.

And the majority of users clicking on your blog when they search for the keyword.

By the way, Google understands that your page has more click-through rate than other above-listed pages. So, Google can up rank your page for that particular keyword.

Now the question is how you can improve your CTR for maximum traffic. There are some ways that I personally use to optimize my blog posts for improved CTR.

Look for the AdWords ads that coming on the top of Google SERPs. Those ads are highly optimized for maximum paid traffic to their blog.

Learn those ads and implement the same method to create your title and meta descriptions.

Your title and meta descriptions are the best way to attract users to your blog.

If you aren’t optimized your search snippet then you are already losing some valuable readers to your blog.

3. Optimize your blog for technical SEO

You are wasting your time if you aren’t optimizing your page for technical SEO.

These factors are having a great impact on your blog’s rankings. These are the most common SEO mistakes.

  1. Duplicate or missing title tags
  2. Duplicate description tags
  3. Broken links
  4. Images with missing ALT tags
  5. Pages are blocked by Robot.txt

Now you have to find the problems with your blog. There are some advanced SEO auditing services online.

Those websites analyze your pages for technical SEO mistakes. Some of the websites even show where the problem actually resides.

There are some paid services that work even better when you are looking for SEO mistakes. Some of them are

  1. Semrush
  2. Raven
  3. Ahref

You can also use the free tools to find most of your SEO mistakes. Try these before you are going for any paid services.

  1. SEO profiler
  2. Zadro web analyzer
  3. Neil Patel Web analyzer
  4. Screaming Frog

So make sure using these tools to clean up your technical SEO mistakes. I have been using the same advanced SEO techniques to make my blog way better.

4. Basic on page optimization

advanced seo techniques

Two ways you can SEO your blog. On-page and off-page SEO optimization. To rank higher, you have to focus both optimization techniques.

But before you are going to start off-page optimization I recommend you to optimize your blog for on-page optimization. These are the tactics that directly affect the ranking of your blog.

These are some most common techniques that you can able to do on your blog.

  1. Title and meta tags optimization

As I have stated before title and meta tags are the main source of traffic. Make sure optimize for maximum CTR. Use compelling and catchy titles to attract the visitors.

  1. Add the main keyword in the first paragraph

Adding the main keyword in the first paragraph helps google o to understand your content. These ways Google will understand your content is related to this particular topic.

  1. Repeat the focus keywords once at least in 100 words

Repeating the focus or main keyword will help the Google algorithm to understand the purpose of your content.

Always add your focus keyword once in 100 words. And try to add other related keywords to your content.

  1. Your paragraphs should be of less than  lines

Users are interested to read shorter paragraphs. As you know people are so lazy to read your big paragraphs. So, try to break your sentence within lines.

This way you are improving the user experience on your blog. And user experience matters a lot according to the Rank brain.

  1. Use shorter URLs

According to some researches conducted by Brian Dean and his team, they found that shorter URLs tends to outrank pages with lengthy URLs.

  1. Add images to your blog [ try infographics]

Images speak more than words. You must hear that. Adding multimedia to the blogs help the readers to know more from your content.

  1. Try to link the new post with older posts

Older posts are the best way to get consistent traffic to your blogs. Try to provide links to your old posts whenever you publish a new post.

And those links must be natural and should use in exactly wherever it needs.

This way you are making more authority over your blogs by passing the links to your old posts.

  1. Give links to authority blogs

Sometimes you need to link out your content to other websites for maximum reference to your readers. So, try to find more authority and famous blogs to provide a link.

So, implement these advanced SEO practices to improve your on-page optimization.

5. Improve Dwell time

advanced seo techniques

This may be a metric many of you are not measuring. Dwell time is not a direct ranking signal but it can outrank many of your competitors.

Dwell time simply is the actual length of time a user spends on your websites. The longer time a user spends on a site means the user consumed lots of information from the websites.

Google always want to give the best results to their users.

So, the ranking algorithm simply looks for the web pages that have higher dwell time. That’s why many of the pages rank better than others.

Try using my method to improve your dwell time.

  1. Produce insanely actionable contents
  2. Add stronger internal links
  3. Add images and other multimedia to your content

Dwell time is not a direct ranking signal but it can decrease the bounce rate of your pages.

6. Use Brian Dean's Skyscraper technique

advanced seo techniques

You work very hard to create your blog posts. But the problem is that you barely get some traffic and links to the posts. That sucks!!!!

Brian dean founder of created this awesome technique to increase the traffic and links to his posts.

There you have to follow exactly 3 steps to create such actionable content.

Step 1: Find the content which has lots of backlinks

Here we need to find the content which has lots of links and probably ranking number one on Google. Now we need to check who links to the blog.

Step 2: Create content even better than the original content

Now you have to create a content which is more thorough to the older post.

The best way you can create such a content by performing a research on the particular keyword. And add anything related to the topic.

Step 3: Ask links from the sites which links to the older content

Now here you will have to ask links from the websites which links to the older post. Follow the below method to ask a link.


Recently I read your content about this [topic]. And that was amazing. And I have seen that you are linking to this website [ put the link].

I created a content that contains more details than the older post. [ your link].

So, I request you to provide the link to my blog post.


To know more about Skyscraper technique read the article by Brian Dean.

7. Quality Content Development

Your content is the service you are providing to your visitors. So, you have to make it better.

Many of you started blogging and fighting to create tons of blog posts.

But you are wrong. The quantity of the blog post never affects the ranking of your blog. But quality matters.

Follow the below methods to make your content perform far better.

  • In-depth and long content [ through]
  • Update your content regularly
  • Use multimedia
  • Create unique content

According to research conducted by Brian Dean, he found that the website which ranks in the first position of Google has more than 1890 words.

To create a long and in-depth article to rank higher on Google.

8. Content promotion and Link Building

seo techniques

As I wrote above publishing your content is the beginning step to your rest of works.

There you have to focus more on content promotion and link building.

You can promote your content using social media and E-mail marketing. Social media is the best way to get massive traffic to your blog.

I personally use the below methods to get traffic from Social media.

  1. Join more Facebook groups and sharing the link
  2. Quora to answer the questions and provide a link
  3. Using WhatsApp groups to get direct traffic
  4. Pinterest marketing
  5. Instagram for image marketing
  6. Leaving a link on major Reddit profiles
  7. Twitter for official blog sharing

Read my detailed guide to use social media as a traffic generation tool.

Best Social Media Platforms To Rank Fast In Google

You can use above social media accounts to get some decent traffic to your blog. Now we need to get links to the new blog post. [ use skyscraper techniques].

Broken link building is the best way to optimize your links. Use this chrome extension to find the broken links on your websites.

And create better content for the webpage and you will be increasing the traffic to your old pages.


So finally these are the simple DIY SEO techniques that you can implement on your blogs and get ranked on Google. 

All the above-listed SEO practices need time. Now I would like to know which method you are going to use to improve your organic traffic?

If I have missed any advanced SEO techniques let me know in the comments. 

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