Free SEO Tools To Increase The Traffic To Your Website

A tool can make things a lot easier right? Yeah! Many of you wonder why your blogs are not getting any traffic. Here I have listed the best free SEO tools that you can use on your blog or websites.

SEO marketing is the only way we will get free traffic from Google and other search engines. 

There are plenty of tools available in the market which can ease your work and improve your online presence. For the reason, I wrote a complete guide of free SEO tools that I have been using for my websites to improve my organic traffic.

These tools are used for Keyword analysis, Website SEO audit, and many more. Let’s get started.

best free seo tools

Google's free seo tools

With no doubt, Google is the powerful search engine in the world. And mostly everyone wants to rank on Google. 

Google ranks a website according to the Algorithm they are released. They have 200 major ranking signals to check a website for improved rankings.

So, Google itself provides some free SEO tools that you can use to improve your search rankings.

Google page speed insights

This free SEO tool checks a website is a speed optimized or not. For improved rankings, your website must load within 5 seconds.

You just put the URL of your website in the search box and this tool analyzes the speed of the website. 

best free seo tools

They will also tell you the ways you can reduce the loading time of your website. 

Visit:- Page speed insights

Apart from Google page speed insights, there are some other tools you can use to monitor your site’s speed. One of them is tools by Pingdom.

I am using the same tools to monitor my website’s speed and other optimizations. In their free analysis, you can check the speed of the website. 

They also have the feature of e-mail alert system when our site goes offline. To make use of this feature you have to make an account with Pingdom.

Google analytics

Google analytics is a free SEO tool which helps the administrators to keep track the visitor’s details.

Using this tool you can check details like, From where your visitors coming to our site, And what time they usually come to the site etc.

To be successful in your digital marketing career you should use Google analytics. This way Google understands you are serious about your online business.

best free seo tools

You also can integrate Analytics with Google search console and optimize your website for maximum retention. Using this feature one can easily understand what keywords your site is ranking for.

Take those keywords from analytics and put those in your title and meta descriptions. This will boost your organic traffic within a month.

Create an account in Analytics.

Google Webmaster [ Search console ]

Google analyzes each page user submits to Google. To rank on Google one must submit their webpage to Google. 

That’s why Google bought the best free SEO tool of all time, Google search console. Uses of this tool include,

  • Submitting your website into Google
  • Submitting the sitemap file [ important ]
  • To submit your new blog posts [ Submit URLs ]
  • Check how much page is indexed
  • To know what keywords you are ranking for
  • To check the errors on your website

Apart from above all these functions this free SEO tool notify you whenever an error has occurred on your website.

best free seo tools

By submitting your sitemap and pages you can rank only in Google. There are plenty of other search engines using in the world. 

One of them is Bing. It is the largest search engine in the country of China. And you can do the same work on these webmasters and earn free traffic from those search engines.

Visit:- Search console

Google keyword planner

Keywords are the terms a user searches in Google. Keyword planning is an important step in the SEO marketing.

Using Google keyword planner you can find targeted keywords for your website. To take the advantage of keyword planner I have a trick for you. 

best free seo tools

I am using the same trick [ Landing page hacks ] to improve my organic traffic. Follow the guide for proper use of this trick.

  • Search for a term in Google
  • Identify the website already ranking for the same keyword
  • take those URLs to the keyword planner
  • Put the URL on the landing page and search for the keyword
  • Now you will get the proper keyword to rank on Google.

I think now you understood how to use the keyword planner for advanced keyword research. 

Bonus:- There are some paid tools for keyword research. They are Semrush, Moz explorer, And Ahref keyword planner. They all work better than this free keyword planners.

Visit:- Keyword planner

Google Trends

Keyword research is the important use of Google trends. It gives you an entire analytics to a particular keyword.

Google trend will suggest you more related keywords to a search keyword. This tool analyzes the entire search engine and gives us the metrics of any search term.

best free seo tools

Using this tool you can compare any two keywords. This will show you which keyword search most and which one not.

The updated version of Google trends gives you the details of what currently trending now. Even it gives the metrics in each minute.

For an advanced guide to Google trends in SEO, visit the free guide by

Other free SEO tools

Just now we have discussed the free SEO tools provided by Google. There are many other resources and guides to improve your organic traffic. Those we will discuss below. Keep reading.

Yoast SEO for WordPress - Plugin

Coming to the next free SEO tool we have Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress users. As you may know, WordPress is the most powerful platform to create websites.

According to the latest metrics WordPress powers 30% all websites in the world. If you haven’t created a website in WordPress start creating one by reading this article below. 

The Complete Guide To Start Your WordPress Blog [ Step by Step ]

Coming to the tool Yoast SEO is the best plugin to manage your WordPress blog. Yoast SEO gives a score to each post you writes.

They score a post using readability test and SEO test. Once you completed writing you can pop to those tabs and identify the errors you are facing with the blog. 

This tool will highlight the errors and you can easily fix them. Another plugin for the same use is Allinoneseopack.

Download:- Yoast SEO

Keyword Everywhere - Chrome extension

This is a chrome extension which can easily integrate with all major search engines. Using this tool you can easily measure any keyword’s search volume. 

Using this tool you can spy the keywords of any of your competitors. Keyword everywhere will analyze any webpage and grab keywords from them.

best free seo tools

So that you will get those keywords which your competitors are already ranking for. An extra feature of this tool is keyword comparison by bulk upload of your keywords.

Bonus:- Using this tool you can rank any of your keywords in a single day. This strategy called Keyword golden ratio. To know how to use keyword golden ratio in your blog posts, Read the article below.

Keyword Research: Actionable Techniques That Works – IFB

Download:- keyword Everywhere

SEO Quake - Chrome extension

This is a free Chrome extension created by SEMrush. SeoQuake is a free SEO tool which will give you metrics of any websites. 

best free seo tools

This tool analyzes a website and gives entire information about those websites. They give information like,

  • Google / Bing index status
  • Alexa rank
  • Age of the website
  • Whois information
  • source code
  • Number of backlinks

So make use of this tool to understand your competitors. You can connect freely with Semrush and understand more details about a particular website.

Get:- SEO Quake

Mozbar - Chrome extension

Similar to SEOquake by Semrush, Mozbar is a free extension provided by MOZ. This tool can analyze SERP and gives you an advanced metric about the website.

Download the MOZ bar and create an account with it. After signing up with Moz you will get details like,

  • Link metrics
  • Page analysis
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • On-page content suggestions

So make sure you use MOZ bar and analyze any website for advanced metrics and details.

Download:- MozBar

SEO profiler - The SEO Auditor

This is an SEO auditing website which analyzes a website for SEO related issues. In their free plan, you can add two websites and they will scan those for 2 times in a week.

The digital marketing solution automatically audits websites on a weekly basis to make sure there is no error.

best free seo tools

Their major features:-

  • Daily ranking monitor
  • Website optimization
  • Backlink Builder
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Project management

So make sure using the free SEO tool to analyze your website and to manage the errors in a proper way.

Visit:- SEO Profiler

Screaming Frog - Software to beat your competitors

The screaming frog is a website crawler which crawls a URL for its onsite elements.

These on-page elements include “meta description, keywords, heading tags, and many more”.

This tool will help you to find broken links on your website. Broken links are bad to search engine optimization.

best free seo tools

They are having following features for a website:-

  • Analyse page title & Meta
  • Duplicate content checking
  • Generate XML sitemap
  • Integrate with Google Analytics

You can crawl about 500 URLs in their free plan. You can crawl a website deeply within minutes. And you can use those results to improve your on-site SEO.

Download:- Screaming Frog

Copyscape - Plagiarism checker

Never copy content from other websites. Search engines developed a strict algorithm to ban those websites which copied content from other websites.

Copyscape is a free duplicate content checker which analyze the entire search engines to find a copy for a given URL. 

best free seo tools

This tool will tell you how to remove your content from the duplicate content websites. You just put a URL on Copyscape and this will find any of your content is plagiarised or not.

Visit:- Copyscape

Free seo tools by

This is one of my favorite free SEO tool which provides a number of services on a single website.

They are having features like,

  • Duplicate checker
  • Grammer checker
  • Word count checker
  • Spell checker
  • Backlink Checker

They also help people by giving services such as keyword planning and website management.

So make use of this website and fix the errors you have created while developing your website.

Visit:- Smallseotools

SERP Rank checker

In this tool, you can check your keywords are working or not. To use this tool input the keyword and the URL of your website.

In the meantime, they will analyze the SERP results and find the position of your website. 

best free seo tools

Before you create any blog post make sure use this tool to identify your competitors. Also, you will understand what keywords they are ranking on search engines.

Visit:- SERP rank checker

SEOmofo: Snippet Optimization Tool

best free seo toolsFor improved rankings, you must optimize your title, meta descriptions, and slugs. 

Google suggests a character length for any website’s title or meta descriptions. This tool will help you to optimize your titles and meta.

Visit:- Seomofo


These are some of the best free SEO tools available in the market. There are plenty of other tools also helps the digital marketers.

Which tool you use and for what purpose? Comment below.

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