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How to blog for money? That’s a question asked by many newbie bloggers. If you asked yourself the same, this blog is for you. Money blogging is the term comes when we search to become a blogger. Here you will read some legitimate ways to make money from blogging. 

Here in this article, we will discuss legitimate ways to make money from your blog. Before starting I have words with you. There are no such schemes to get rich fast. If you want to earn money from the blog you have to work hard.

Making money from your blog: Money  Blogging

  • Create a blog 
  • Creating valuable articles and content
  • Start working with SEO
  • Grab your audience
  • Turn the audience into money

Simple! But you have to work hard. Famous bloggers like Neil Patel says ” If you are an entrepreneur, Work 10 hour a day”. Coming to the first step, You need a blog that generates traffic. Of course, we have some quality platforms to build our blog. I personally use WordPress to create my blog. One of the best for money blogging.

You know? 30% of all websites in the world are hosted in WordPress. Why we have to choose: They are giving features like Yoast SEO for all SEO activities and many more plugins to manage our blog. 

They have a number of plugins to manage the Advertisements we use on our blog. Those plugins automatically insert Ad in proper areas and proper times.

If you don’t know how to create a WordPress blog, Read my comprehensive guide to start a WordPress blog. 

The Complete Guide To Start Your WordPress Blog [ Step by Step]

After creating the blog you need to create some good quality articles to our readers. Be sure to avoid duplicate contents on the blog. That will reduce your possibilities to rank in Google. They have some strict guidelines to rank a website. You need to work hard to implement all SEO tactics on the blog. 

If you don’t know how to implement SEO on the website make sure read the article below that will help you to skyrocket your organic traffic in a number of days.

SEO Tutorial: The Definitive Guide For Beginners – IFB

Grabbing audience and make money blogging

Without an audience, there will be no money. Grabbing a useful audience is very easy. You have to create some useful content to the readers and they will return you. In blogging, we are freely giving our knowledge to the readers. 

You will have to create some social media pages and start working with them. This will help you get some decent followers. And eventually, they will expect your article in the days you publish a post. And you can make money blogging as a passive income.

Making Money with Google Adsense

How To Make Money Blogging for Beginners | Blog For Profit - IFB 1

Google Adsense is the ad service by Google. Here you will have to insert some ads on your blog and earn money when a user clicks on the ads.

We have a good news here, From this year we don’t want put ads on the blog. Google itself put ads on our blog using their latest Auto ads system. This is one of the easiest ways to make money when you have a quality blog.

There are 2 types of Adsense accounts. Hosted and Non-Hosted accounts. Hosted accounts are provided on YouTube and other Google’s partner services. And the other one is Non-Hosted which is used when we have self-hosted websites. 

But there are some guidelines when we want to apply for Google Adsense. 

  • Using a Top Level Domain [.com, .org etc ]
  • Adsense needs clear title and description on every page
  • Create pages like about, contact and privacy policy
  • High quality and unique contents [ No duplicate content ]
  • Apply when you have at least 15 quality posts
  • Use Adsense friendly WordPress themes
  • Remove all another ad service you are using for a while

These are some guideline we have to make sure when we want to apply for a Non-Hosted Adsense account for money blogging.

Domain age is also another factor when they look to approve a blog. Countries like India it is 6 months. But when you have quality traffic apply for Adsense.If you want to know more about Adsense and how to apply, read the article below.

Google Adsense approval tricks updated 2018

Media.Net and Money Blogging

make money blogging | how to blog for money

Media.Net is the second largest publisher network in the world. Same to Adsense you have to insert ads on the blog. These are contextual ads provides by Yahoo. Unlike other ad networks getting approved little harder for money blogging. 

Same as Adsense they also have some strict guidelines that we want to make sure when we are going to apply for Primarily they accept blogs having the English language. You will be rejected if you are writing in regional languages.

  • Primary language should be English
  • They need a high amount of traffic from countries like USA and Canada.
  • Update the blog regularly when we apply for
  • Create pages like about and privacy policy
  • Don’t show too many other ads. Better to disable all ads when we want to apply

Follow these guidelines and apply for More details to and how to apply : 

How To Get Media Net Approval Within 5 days (Smart + Legal Way)

Making money with Affiliate Marketing

make money blogging | how to blog for money

Affiliate marketing nothing but promoting someone else products on your blog and earn a commission when a user makes a purchase.

These are the online marketing form which involves three peoples. Creator, Publisher, and Consumer. Here we are sharing the revenue when a reader makes a purchase. 

This method of money blogging will work for you when you want to make money by selling products online and you don’t have a product to sell. There is a number of affiliate marketing services that pay to publishers. 

You can use above listed affiliate networks to make some reasonable amount of income on your blog.

Starting an E-commerce store in your blog

If you have a blog and having a quality amount of traffic, start an E-commerce store on your website/blog. Contact your nearest sellers in your area and ask them to sell through your website. 

This method of money blogging will work for you when you have a good quality blog and a decent amount of traffic. Use plugins like Woocommerce to manage your store. This plugin will help you to manage your selling, Budget, and many more. 

Choosing a profitable niche is important when you want to start an E-commerce website. You can sell products like

  • Home products and accessories
  • Grocery and food
  • Jewelry and clothing
  • Online tutoring 

You can use above discussed ideas to start an E-commerce store. This method will be a good choice when you want to make millions through your blog.

Selling Your Own Products : Money Blogging

Making money from your blog is became easier now. Here you can sell your own developed products in the market using your blog. First of all, you have to research about the market. You have to understand what types of product can I sell on the blog.

You have to invest some money in this method. Develop your own products using the marketing analysis. Once you created the product it is time to test the market. 

Now find some distribution methods. You can sell the products using amazon associates or use your own blog. This is also a good way to make money blogging.

Offering Freelancing Services

make money blogging | how to blog for money

Everyone must have some skills. Maybe you can develop websites, graphic design services or you can write articles. Use your blog to market your skills. Once you have a decent traffic start offering freelancing services. 

In this method of money blogging, you will have to create a separate page for freelancing services. And always include your skill in your articles. Whenever a reader wants to create something related to your service, They will contact you.

Directly sell banner ads

Have you seen some websites, they never use common ad networks. They directly sell their ad spaces to the companies. If your website has a quality amount of traffic you can contact some companies to sell ads on your websites.

Maybe some of them will reject. But some companies will attract to the website and provide ads to sell on your blog. Benefits of selling banner ads are : 

  • The same type of ads will be served
  • Income will be higher than other ad networks
  • Once an ad published, We don’t want to spend a lot of time with that

Selling Coaching services

Maybe you visited the website They provide coaching service to any kind of education. Their website has many tutors around the world. 

If your website having thousands of visitors, Why don’t you offer coaching services? Maybe you are expert in marketing. So start teaching the audience. You can offer paid webinars for your readers. 

This way you can make some extra income in a month. This is one of the best ways to money blogging.

Selling your websites - Flipping

make money blogging | how to blog for money

Flipping a website means selling your websites. There are different ways to sell your websites. But I prefer to use Start creating beautiful websites and contents. Once you finished the website start selling in Flippa.

Here you can sell partially built website and fully built websites. But selling fully built website will be better. Also, you can sell your domains also here.

There are some tricks to sell your website at a higher rate.

  • Making a high level summary about your blog
  • Be sure about traffic statistics
  • Building trust with Flippa, If you want to become a regualr seller

Selling E-Books : Money Blogging

Selling an E-book to your readers is one of the best ways to earn money online. Here I have a trick for you. If you are creating a blog post about digital marketing. 

Never include all of your ideas on the blog. Instead, create an E-Book about the ideas which are not discussed in the blog post. This way reader will attract to the E-book and they will be ready to buy your book. Steps to create and sell e-books

  • Creating your E-book
  • Format the E-book you created
  • Proofreading
  • Design a custom cover for the E-Book
  • Adding E-Book on the website
  • Promoting the E-book
  • Start selling

Make sure you read the below article to create and sell an E-book in a proper way.

8 Steps To Creating And Selling eBooks On Your Website


These are the Top 10 legitimate ways to make money using your blog. All the methods I listed here needs dedication and time. 

Don’t ever dream to become rich fast. And never go through scams and illegal ways to make money. These include publishing Copyrighted movies and pirated software. 

Thanks for reading the article and make sure to subscribe to the blog. Because I publish an article each Saturday and Tuesday. Be sure to share the post because many bloggers are there with good traffic and making no money. Good luck!

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    • Musthafa PA

      I personally don’t have much experience in selling photos online. But I buy images from major sites like Shutterstock and Fotolia by Adobe.

      You can try these websites to sell your images and earn some money.

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