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Do you know 30% all websites in the world using WordPress. We all use WordPress because its super easy to create website and can add functionalities using WordPress plugin from WordPress directory.

The Complete Guide To Start Your WordPress Blog [ Step by Step ]

Here in this article you are going to learn about some WordPress plugins and the importance of using them.

Plugins are the external scripts we use to manage or expand the functionalities of our website. In another meaning they are essential to any WordPress website.

There are plenty of free and premium plugins available in the market. Through years of experience in WordPress I found 10 such plugins they makes our website awesome.

As I noticed majority of online services using these plugins to manage and improve their website’s performance.

1.Jetpack - The alltime popular wordpress plugin

wordpress plugin

Jetpack is one of the popular WordPress plugin developed by Automattic. The same team behind the development of WordPress.

This plugin do a lot more for any of your website. Using this WordPress plugin you can view the daily statistics and downtime monitoring of your website.

Other features of Jetpack are:-

  1. Publicize

As a full time blogger it’s very difficult to share your blog posts on all of the majority of social medias.

But using Jetpack’s Publicize one can easily setup auto sharing to some of the famous social media profiles. Follow the below step in WordPress to activate this feature.

Dashboard → Jetpack → Settings → Publicize

  1. Sharing

Reader always wants to share your content on their social profiles. By activating this feature anyone can easily share your content across social media.

Dashboard → Settings → Sharing.

  1. Related posts

Reduced bounce rate of your website is one of the major ranking factor of Google. Bounce rate simply means how much time a user spends on your website.

Using jetpack’s related post feature your blog posts show at least 3 related posts just below of your articles. So user seeing those related posts will have a tendency to read those posts.

And this way you are reducing the bounce rate of your website. Google’s recent released algorithm named Rank Brain clearly states user experience is the major ranking factor for better search engine rankings.

Dashboard → Jetpack → Settings → Related Posts

  1. Mobile theme

Did you know mobile users are growing rapidly from last 3 years. So having a dedicated mobile website will improve the user experience of your website and can improve your search rankings.

2.Yoast SEO

wordpress plugin yoast seo

SEO means search engine optimization. To rank a website on Google a website should follow onsite SEO and technical SEO.

Earlier it was difficult to a WordPress developer to optimize their content for search engine optimization.

Later in 2006 Joost de Valk developed an ultimate WordPress plugin which is enough for everyone to optimize their content for SEO.

Install this free plugin and it will take care of everything. They are having 2 tabs which are readability and on-page seo. The plugin will add some score to any of your content for checking it’s SEO optimized or not.

Other features of Yoast SEO:-

  1. XML Sitemap generation

Sitemaps describes the link structure of your website. Search engines read your website by visiting it’s link structure. XML sitemaps are used by search engines to rank a website.

Same XML Sitemaps notify the search engines whenever you publishes a new blog posts. Yoast freely generates XML sitemaps for your websites.

  1. SEO Analysis

This amazing useful wordpress plugin analyse each of your blog contents to optimize for search engines. This tool will tell you what is missing or what you want to delete from your content.

  1. Webmaster tools verification

Google or Bing or any other search engines needs to know you created and published a new blog post. This you will do by webmaster tools.

Yoast seo verify your webmaster tools by pasting your verification codes you get from those consoles.

  1. Ryte integration

Ryte.org is a website which measures a website for on page and technical seo. This website will let you know about the index ability of your website.

You can integrate to Ryte from Yoast seo WordPress plugin.

3.WP Smush

wp smush wordpress plugin

Page speed matters a lot for search engine optimization. Google ranks a website which loads under 5 seconds.

If your website does not load within 5 seconds you are almost missing tons of valuable customers. You can optimize the speed of the website by implementing many of technical factors.

Uploading compressed images will be a better option for website’s speed. But it is always not possible to upload less size images by default.

There comes this amazing free WordPress plugin which you can use to compress your uploaded images.

Just install this plugin and it will take care of every images you upload on your WordPress website.


sumome wordpress plugin

Building a right audience is the first thing you have to do on your blog or your online business.

To develop such an audience you will have to invite your audience to read your blog posts via E-mails. There it comes this useful WordPress plugin to create opt-in forms for your customers.

All you have to do installing this WordPress plugin and create a new signup form to collect emails. So your readers will get notified whenever you created a new blog post.


updraftplus wordpress plugin

last year I had a blog and I wrote more than 8 blog posts on that website. But unfortunately one day I lost everything.

My website faced a D Dos attack and all of files including website credentials are lost from my web server.

On the same day I took a decision to find a way to store my files to an external third-party application to keep it secure from attackers.

Through days of research I found a simple but intensively powerful WordPress plugin named Updraft Plus.

This plugin automatically backup your WordPress website files to any of your cloud storage. This storage includes Google drive and Dropbox.

Install this free useful WordPress plugin and this will automatically backup your WordPress files and database file to these cloud locations.


elementor wordpress plugin

Earlier it was very difficult to develop websites. We need to spend hours of time to code and create stunning websites. But by the arrival WordPress it’s created a revolution in the field of websites.

Using wordpress its made easy to create website for anyone who has little knowledge of computer and internet field.

Even though using wordpress it’s tough to create beautiful landing pages or any other. There we use one of my favourite wordpress plugins named Elementor.

I am using the same plugin to develop most of my websites. There we have a feature of Drag and Drop mechanism to create any website items.

They made super easy to create a page in elementor. You can access to hundreds of free templates or paid templates to create your own.

Or you can use the Widget areas to access the website items and display in a proper format.

7.Contact form7

contact form 7 wordpress plugin

Your blog is the solution for most of your readers. But sometimes they need some more information from you.

There we can make use of this best WordPress plugin to create a contact form for your audience.

Their extra feature includes the customization of contact forms for your readers. This is a light weight WordPress plugin that works very well for years.

7.WP super cache

wp super cache wordpress plugin

Cache means the optimized version of your website or blog. As I said you earlier speed of your website matters a lot in search engine optimization.

There we have a simple strategy to reduce the size of website by parsing the heavy PHP scripts to low HTML templates.

I am using the same plugin for most of my blogs. The way of working of cache plugins means serving low sized HTML files to and end user.

By installing this WordPress plugin you are going to reduce the size of website and improving the loading time of your websites.

The working of WP Super cache is a user served low sized HTML file instead of heavy PHP scripts.

8. Wordfence for security

wordfence wordpress plugin

Security means a lot for your websites. We will lose everything if we haven’t implemented security to our websites.

Wordfence is a free WordPress plugin which tightens the security of your WordPress websites from hacking attempts.

This plugin works based on an application firewall. This is simply done by filtering the traffic coming to your website.

There you can block your website for some specific countries and perform security scans in regular intervals.  There is one more plugin named Sucuri which do exactly the same thing as wordfence.

Follow the below guide to install and setup Wordfence for WordPress. Click here


These are my favorite free plugins that worked far better for me. Make use of these amazing free plugins and enjoy a risk free and beautiful website.

Now I would like to know which important wordpress plugin I missed here?

Let me know your answers in the comment box below. Thanks for reading my article and make sure subscribe to my blog via E-mail. That way you will not miss any of the blogs I publishes.

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