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Have you ever think why your blog post never perform well? To get ranked in Google one should have amazing traffic. This traffic can be from organic search or from a social media platforms. 

As per, there are 2234 million active users in Facebook Itself. Wonder? Yeah, we can earn enormous traffic from such social media platforms and improve our ranking on Google.

infographics about social media platforms

In the final analysis, you understood how social media platforms will help us to drive traffic. These website and mobile apps will earn you free traffic and better brand awareness. 

We can discuss this social media platforms can help to improve our social media awareness. Social media marketing is one of the major to gain customers. In another way, it is the way to advertise your online business freely.

Now social media platforms changed the marketing type of world. Mostly all of the businesses using this method to advertise their business so fast.

There are plenty of social media platforms available on the market. Wikipedia list only 200 of them.

Why It Is necessary?

It is essential to have these profiles if you are a blogger. Using these social media platforms you will know about your customers. As a reader, it may be difficult to comment on your blog. But if you are having these social media profiles they can easily share their ideas with you.

In that way, you can change the way of your writing as per your reader. This will improve your brand awareness. Social media marketing is the way of advertising your business with rightful of people.

With these social media site, we can improve our website’s SEO as they are directly grabbing free traffic. You can learn how to implement SEO on your blog. Read the article now!

Most Popular Social Media Platforms

These are the famous social media platforms you can use and build a loyal community.

  1. YouTube
  2. Delicious
  3. Digg
  4. Facebook
  5. Google+ 
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Pinterest
  8. Reddit
  9. StumbleUpon
  10. Foursquare

Benefits of Social Media platforms

Improving customer service:- With the use of these social media platforms, one can easily know about customers. What they need from you. And what you must not do.

Take an example: If you are writing about digital marketing and your customer needs online marketing from you. 

So they will request you to write about. In that way, you will be creating a loyal community. 

Building a brand:- Developing an online brand is essential to every business. These brand names you can achieve by sharing images and videos.


Being a blogger and you want your brand famous, then you have to create videos and images of yourself. Otherways no one will know the founder of your blogs. That’s why building a loyal community is very important to any businesses.

Driving targeted sales and customers:-

By using social media platforms, an entrepreneur can able to attract customers and he can achieve targeted sales. These days most of the E-commerce website using social media platforms to sell their products.

Using Facebook’s shop and business page one can easily sell their products. Facebook has only 2200 million users worldwide. If you are earning 1% of that users you are succeeded.

In addition to that, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter use special approaches to sell your products. Also, they have best-targeted marketing campaigns so one can easily attract their audience very fast.

Build Brand Relationships:- If you are a blogger you must use your friend’s blog to advertise your blog. Once a high-quality domain links to your website your page authority will increase very fast. Also, there will be a huge difference in Google ranking.

Using these social media platforms you can contact someone who is publishing in the same niche of yours. So you both can create online webinars for your readers.

In all ways, both peoples can share it with their audience and build a community.

Improved Domain Authority:-

Moz’s domain authority means DA is one of the major ranking factors by Google. This we can achieve by sharing our links, images, and videos on such social media platforms.

moz-da social media platforms

To know your page and domain authority please check now. :-Click here

Google always prefer the domains which have high domain authority. Submitting and sharing your article on these social media platforms will earn you free targeted traffic and high DA and PA [page authority].

Driving targeted free traffic:- Advanced using of these social media platforms we can earn free targeted traffic. Once you have built an audience it will be very easy to gain traffic. 


You can gain your traffic simply sharing your blog posts and webinars also giving a free E-book to your readers. Also here you will develop your audience using new hashtags system. (#digital_marketing).

To know more about the impact of social media marketing read the article below:-

Social Media Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do & Don'ts In Social Media Platforms

In social media, you have to follow some guidelines to stand out. 


  • Create engaging posts
  • Start uploading images and videos
  • Free offers to your followers
  • Don’t fight with your audience, Stay Calm
  • Monitor an eye on competitors
  • Always up to date with latest trends
  • Discuss latest topics with readers

Don’t do’s:-

  • Never post too much [ Spamming ]
  • Don’t buy followers or likes.
  • Always reply to your comments. We don’t want to lose our customers.
  • Never insult your audience


In brief, Implementing SEO is the first step in your business. To success your online business you must spend some time with your readers. That we can achieve with these social media platforms.

So start to focus on creating profiles in major social media sites and start engaging with your customers. Now I need to know about which social media site you will follow to market your business.

Comment your answers below. Thanks for reading this article. Hope you have learned something new here. If so make sure sharing this and subscribe my blog.

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