11 Easy Ways to Speed Up WordPress Websites [ Under 30 Min ]

Are you troubling with how to speed up WordPress websites? No more! In this article, I am gonna tell you 11 easy ways you can speed up WordPress websites. 

But, Fast loading of a website is not a direct ranking signal. But it can help you to improve the user experience of your site. By doing so probably you will outrank slow loading websites.

Is It Necessary to Speed Up WordPress Websites?

Proper traffic is the only way to success in blogging. To have enough traffic on your site you must improve its On-site optimization.

One of them is to improve your loading time. Google never ranks fast loading pages. Instead, they penalize slow loading websites.

Fast loading websites can improve their user experience signals. According to Rank Brain user experience is the second important factor for higher rankings.

Why your WordPress website is slow & How to check speed?

page-speed-insights speed up wordpress

Your websites may be loading slowly due to these,

  • Bad hosting provider
  • Themes & Framework
  • Page size
  • Plugins 

However, I have proven tips to improve your WordPress loading speed. Now let’s check the current speed of a WordPress site.

To measure how fast your website loading, go to Pingdom or Google page speed insights. These online tools can able to tell you why your website loading slowly. 

Now let’s fix the problem. Keep reading!

  1. Choose a good hosting provider
  2. Update Everything
  3. Reduce the number of WordPress plugins
  4. Optimize your images
  5. Enable G-zip compression
  6. Add lazy load to images
  7. Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks
  8. Minify JS & CSS
  9. Use a Content delivery network
  10. Use speed optimized theme and Frameworks
  11. Optimize database

Let’s go detail to each method.

1. Choose a good hosting provider

speed up wordpress

Your website may be slowing down due to heavy traffic. You probably heard of unlimited traffic hosting.

Hosting in a shared hosting provider is just like you are killing your blog when you have higher traffic.

To speed up WordPress websites you should host your websites in a managed WordPress hosting service.

Services like

  1. Bluehost,
  2. WP engine,
  3. Siteground
  4. Kinsta

are helping the serious bloggers to get their success. Also, their staffs are always available to help you with your blog (I appreciate it!!).

2. Update everything

update website speed up wordpress

Another tip I have for you to speed up WordPress sites is to update everything on your website.

You must update following immediately as possible.

  1. Theme
  2. WordPress
  3. Plugins

Updates are helping the website to stay stable. Maybe the older version had some faults or the chances of getting hacked.

Update the plugins whenever you getting an update. It’s because only the plugins are contacting your site to an external resource.

3. Reduce the number of wordpress plugins

As I already stated before WordPress plugins play an important role in connecting your site with external services. 

You probably using plugins to compress images, contact forms, gallery and many more.

But these all plugins can be able to slow your website. You know why?

It’s because…

Your website asks a request from all these plugin providers to load the website. So your website loading completes when all the server responding to the request. 

That may cause to slow the website to end users. That’s a bad thing!! Slow loading websites affect the user experience of a website.

And Google’s latest algorithm Rank brain clearly stated User experience is the second important ranking factor. 

Confused? Which one should I use?

I have written a detailed guide to getting help with what type plugin you should use. 

Hope you will like it!!!

4. Compress your images

11 Easy Ways to Speed Up WordPress Websites [ Under 30 Min ] 1

Coming to the next method to speed up WordPress websites is to compress your images. Probably you use at least 2-3 images per article.

If those images are large in size your site will load very slowly. Whenever you upload an image make sure you compressed it.

Maybe many of you don’t have an idea to use photoshop or any other software to compress your images.

It’s very easy to compress an image in photoshop. After completing your work with image make sure images are saved for web applications. [Save for web].

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use photoshop. There are different ways we can optimize our images.

These services will help you to compress your images. These plugins will automatically compress your images when you upload them.

5.Enable G-zip compression

G-zip compression will help you to decrease the size of data transferred between the visitor and server.

You can compress your images, CSS, JS using this method. Here you will have to add the below code to your .htaccess file. 

<IfModule mod_deflate.c>
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/plain
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/css
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xhtml+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/rss+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/javascript
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xjavascript

This code will compress your data at the server end and will decompress at user end. 

6. Add lazy load to images

Another method to speed up a WordPress website is to add lazy load to images. Here lazy load means images will load only when they come to the visitor window.

That means if a user stays only in the first section it will be helpful to load the images on that section. 

By doing so you will be giving fewer data to the visitor and your page’s loading time will be decreased.

A simple way to add lazy load to your images is using one of the plugins like,

These plugins will help you to add lazy load to images. Even some plugins will show a compressed images instead original heavy file. 

7. Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks

pingbacks speed up wordpress

Pingbacks or trackbacks are the way in which other WordPress users connect with you. Or they use pingback or trackback to communicate with you.

Each time when some add a pingback to your blog your data on that blog increases. So, we want to avoid that to load our website quickly.

The difference between pingback and trackback is that the first one is done automatically and the second one done manually. Some researchers found that 99% of those are spams.

So why we should keep those unwanted data on our blogs. You can disable those form your dashboard.

To deactivate go to Settings –>  Discussion –> uncheck allow links from another blog.

8. Minify JS & CSS

Coming to the next way to speed up WordPress websites is to optimize your JS, CSS files. If you ever run Google page speed insights you probably heard of minifying JS and CSS files.

Minifying JS and CSS mean deleting the unwanted spaces, characters or new lines from your website. This will help you to load your website as quickly as possible.

To minify, your JS and CSS use a plugin called WP total cache. This plugin automatically minifies your files.

9. Use a Content delivery network

CDN speed up wordpress

Consider your website has visitors from different countries. You may be observed that your page loads differently for other countries. This happens due to files are loading from a single server.

CDN or content delivery network are loading your static files when someone near to that server accesses the website.

So, the server will load your website quickly when someone near to that server loads your website.

This helps the visitor to load your website quickly and thus you are increasing your user experience. I personally use Cloudflare to CDN my websites.

Their service is super awesome and of course, their pricing is reasonable. 

10. Use speed optimized theme and Frameworks

Your website will load slowly if you are using a heavy theme or framework. Always use a theme which has considerably fewer animations and graphics.

A heavy theme must have lots of elements attached to it. That makes it heavy to load. So start with a speed optimized theme or framework.

I recommend you to make use of the Genesis framework. This is a comparatively super basic theme and easy to customize. 

If you want to create your blog with a free theme, I suggest you go with justfreethemes.com.

11. Optimize database

There will be a lot of dumbed files in your database if you are using WordPress. You won’t be requiring many of them as they are expired [tags, comments, trash items].

So, optimizing your database in a regular interval can able to decrease your page loading time.

All of your plugins or themes will dumb data into your database. You have to delete them to speed up WordPress websites.

To clean up your database in proper times use plugins like Wp optimizer or Wp sweep plugin. Both works better for any WordPress sites.

Conclusion - many ways to speed up wordpress sites.

These are the methods I personally use to speed up WordPress websites. And all of them worked better for me.

Now, Which method you are going to use to speed up your WordPress websites?  Let me know in the comments.

There are various methods you can speed up a WordPress website.

Some of them are highly useful to optimize your website. Thanks for reading my article. Hope you have liked it.

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